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Frequently asked questions(FAQ)

How can I register on LA3ANDAK?

To register in LA3ANDAK, you can visit the FREE REGISTRATION link on the homepage and you will have to fill all your information in the registration section. The registration process is mandatory for being in a position to select your preferred LA3ANDAK and place your orders on it. You can however, fill up your shopping bag prior to your registration


Why do I need to register for using LA3ANDAK?

LA3ANDAK ensures delivery of products that you select to your doorstep, and hence it is important for us to know how to get to your doorstep and that too at the time convenient to you.

The more precise your one time registration process; the easier it is for us to ensure that we are able to suggest the best suited LA3ANDAKs in your neighborhood and also ensure that your Preferred LA3ANDAK is able to effectively deliver your shopping bag to you. We would recommend that you time some time and ensure that your registration is complete and the aspects like your address are accurate.

Your address and contact number is shared with your Preferred LA3ANDAK only to ensure accuracy and timely delivery of your shopping bag.


Why do I need to fill in additional details?

When you use your Facebook login details, we are able to get most of the required information from there, however, critical aspects like your exact delivery address, phone number, etc are missing. We therefore require you to furnish the additional details so that we can complete the registration process.

As a shopper you will need to update your user information one time prior to you enjoying the freedom and convenience of LA3ANDAK.


Can I shop without registering on the site?

No. While you can bag the products that you like, prior to you selecting your Preferred LA3ANDAK you will have to go through the mandatory registration process. The registration process enables you to view various LA3ADAK that service your neighborhood and choose your preferred shop from within the list.


Is the registration process free and onetime?

Yes, the registration process on LA3ANDAK is absolutely free and you do not need to use your credit card / debit card any where during the registration process.

Additionally the registration process is one time, although you can modify your profile after you have completed the one time registration process.